Exploration stages

When exploring a new geothermal area, developing it from the Greenfield Stage to a stage where a decision is made on the development of the area, one can expect to go through few steps in the process. Thorough preparation and high quality research is the key to a successful geothermal development.

GeoThermHydro, through Iceland GeoSurvey, Mannvit and Verkís, can offer consulting and management, as well as carrying out much of the necessary research needed for receiving exploitation rights.

These steps are described below in a general manner.

Reconnaissance study
The first step of geothermal development is to identify potential geothermal sites. As a very preliminary estimate we offer the following short study.
  • A short desktop study, receiving all data easily available.
  • Visit by experts to the geothermal sites.
  • Receive additional existing data, maps, meet with local scientists.
  • Evaluate sites first hand and estimate cons and pros for their utilization.
  • Carry out a review by a group of geothermal experts at home base.
  • Reconnaissance report and recommendations.
Prefeasibility study
The second step of geothermal development is to carry out research programms to estimate size of the resource and preliminary potential. We offer consulting and carry out research on the following items.
  • Geothermal geological mapping/structural mapping.
  • Chemical analyses and interpretation of fluids from the geothermal springs.
  • Surface geophysical methods including TEM and MT resistivity surveys.
  • Thermal gradient wells (optional).
  • Micro-seismic study.
  • Exploration drilling.
  • Reservoir evaluation.
  • Environmental studies.
  • Prefeasibility report and recommendations.
Feasibility study
The third step of geothermal development is to confirm the resource and estimate it’s likely potential.
  • Appraisal/confirmation drilling.
  • Well testing.
  • Fluid sampling.
  • Chemical analyses.
  • Further geo-scientific study.
  • Environmental impact studies
  • Geological-, geochemical- and reservoir modelling
  • Feasibility report and recommendations.